Buckle Up for Fun at the Re-Imagined Test Track© Presented by Chevrolet®

Enter the world of automotive design as never before, create your own virtual concept, and then board a “SimCar” ride vehicle to race through a thrilling series of performance tests at the re-imagined, multi-sensory Test Track© Presented by Chevrolet®.

The iconic Epcot® attraction, a new collaboration between Chevrolet Design and the creative team of Walt Disney Imagineering, celebrates how meticulous design not only shapes the look of Chevrolet cars, trucks and crossovers, but drives their performance on the open road.

Amid upbeat music, eye-popping lighting effects and a collection of Chevrolet concept and new vehicles, you become an automotive designer – and peer into the future of personal transportation in the process.

Enter an all-new, interactive pre-show area with a future-focused design theme – from the fully realized Chevrolet Miray roadster concept car and the Chevrolet EN-V to dynamic media displays including models and sketches of vehicle design possibilities. The sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center” invites you to create your own virtual custom-concept vehicle.

Car designer wannabes get to shape their own virtual car, truck or crossover and learn how their choices perform against four important performance attributes that guide Chevrolet designers:

Capability – design your car to handle the roughest roads or most extreme weather conditions

Efficiency – create a car that saves on fuel, reduces your environmental footprint, cuts down on emissions or even uses recycled parts

Responsiveness – choose elements that will give you easy maneuverability through the tightest of turns

Power – choose the gear you need to make your car a racer or a hauler

At design kiosks, rows of touch screens become canvasses for you to try your hand at automotive design. You can design alone or collaborate on your design with family and friends. Even choose from six different languages.

Here, you can virtually-draw – stretch and shape your vehicle design by length, width, height and engine size — and decide which performance attribute is most important. Once you create – from infinite possibilities — the design of your dreams, you complete your creation with even more choices. You can make a design statement with an expressive front grill, tailored wheels of various sizes and styles, and custom paint with graphics and other vehicle accessories finishing it all off with the iconic Chevy bow-tie.

Even as a FASTPASS and single rider guests, you can choose the performance attribute most important to you and select your virtual car’s profile from a selection of pre-designed vehicles.

Once your virtual custom-concept Chevrolet vehicle is complete, your adventure then shifts into high gear as you – armed with a card encoded with your personal specs that allows your design to ride with you and see how it performs – board your 6-person “SimCar” ride vehicle. Ahead: a thrilling journey into a dazzling multi-sensory, optically charged experience as you put your personal design through a series of performance tests – the exhilarating heart of Test Track Presented by Chevrolet.

Along your route, you’ll experience changing terrain and extreme conditions as your designs are scored at checkpoints for Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Power. How does your design stand up to the challenging hills, switchbacks and straight-aways of the Test Track circuit? How well does it navigate through bumpy roads, icy conditions, turn-on-a-dime curves and other surprises? Your design skills are put to the test – at speeds of up to 65 mph.

The fun and excitement extends to the post-show area.

You get to compare your virtual car’s performance results to that of a baseline “SimCar” – and see how you performed against your fellow “designers” and recent top scorers.

As a freshly-minted car designer you can create your own TV commercial – starring your virtual custom vehicle and adding location, narration and music – and email it to friends and family.

At a digital driving table laying out a road course, you have an opportunity to race your virtual custom-concept vehicles against other guests’ designs, over changing terrains and encountering extreme conditions.

In another experience, you get to pose for photos with actual Chevrolet vehicles.  The images become easily sharable on social media, sending virtual postcard greetings to family, friends or co-workers back home.

New and concept Chevrolet vehicles are laid out showroom-style. You can get behind the wheel of Chevrolet’s latest production models. Chevrolet product specialists are on hand to answer any questions.

Grab your family and buckle up for fun at Test Track!


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